About the company:

Bramis Partners LLC has been established in 2017. It has been formed with a team of professionals who have many years of experience in telecommunication, construction and maintenance in Uzbekistan and abroad.

Since the establishment of the company it has been constantly expending its men power and experience, always looking for new challenges and collaborations. During this time Bramis Partners LLC has developed an all-around services package, methods, tools and solutions in order to support our client’s network infrastructures and increase its efficiency.

Bramis Partners LLC obtain today a fully coverage of the country territory, with offices, warehouses and representatives in all the regions of Uzbekistan, and the ability to provide a various range of services, for all kind of projects in the telecommunication areas. It also obtain the flexibility to suite the best and complete solutions for each costumer based on its needs and necessities, in order to become a partner solution.

Currently Bramis Partners LLC one of the leaders in Uzbekistan in its field, regarding the quality and the quantity of the services it offer to its clients, and the results is shown by the continues growing collaboration between the company and its clients.