Our team:

Our team formed by members with high standards of professionalism, extensive knowledge, responsibility and many years of experience. Based on those advantages Bramis Partners LLC provides support for its clients exactly in the weak points of the current reality in the telecommunication field in Uzbekistan. Our team members participated in various number of projects, including turn-key rollout, first line maintenance (FLM), swap and installation of new equiptment and consulting, in Uzbekistan and abroad for COSCOM FE LLC (Ucell™), UZMOBILE, ZTE Corporation, Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN™), Huawei, UMS and etc.

The management:

The management brought from abroad the high international standards and values as well as new methods and knowledge for the company. One of the values, we consider as essential is leadership, not only by it simple sense of decision making of drafting strategies, but also by self-example, setting high standards and encourage all the employees to assume responsibility.

The administration:

The administration members of the company, as well as the secondary management in the headquarters and in the branches, were selected according to a serious of characteristics, in which the management believe, other than experience, professionalism and knowledge, it has been taken under consideration also other values such as leadership, flexibility of thought, responsibility and loyalty.

The technical and operational team:

Our technical and operational teams were created by employees with high sense of professionalism and responsibility, however, the company continue to invest many resources and efforts to improve their knowledge by creating a periodical trainings plans for each team, based on their field of operation, and by creating for them a healthy and safe working environment.